With a new year comes a new beginning. Wala has a lot in store for you this year and I must admit you will not be disappointed ☺ As you already know, Wala is on a mission to help consumers throughout Africa reach financial prosperity by eliminating the barriers to banking and we are doing so through the Wala zero-fee banking platform.

All of 2016 has been building up to this New Year so we can release the best financial product specifically designed for you! Nearing the end of Q1, we will begin releasing the product in 3 phases: Alpha, Beta, and Full-Market release. The first few hundred people who have registered will get to use the product in Alpha, followed by the next few thousand that will get to use the product in Beta, and then finally we will release Wala to the entire South African market. And if you haven’t already, register today since spots are filling up quickly! All we need is your name, email, phone, and country of residence.

Now that you are prepared for the Wala launch, I am going to give you details on how the product works, what you will need, and all the perks you get:


• Once you register and download the Wala app, you will digitally register for a current account. You no longer have to go into a bank branch or leave the comfort of your home. Instead you can do it all from your Android phone!
• At minimum, you will need an ID book to register and preferably proof of address.
• Once you have opened a current account, it is a simple click of a button to open up savings accounts.


• You can deposit and withdraw money through partner ATMs and agents.
• You can receive direct deposits and inbound payments.


• You can send p2p payments to friends and family in the Wala network.
• You can buy airtime and pay bills in South Africa or even other countries!
• You can login to check balance, move money between accounts, and get insights into your spending habits and history.

This is just the beginning. In the very near future, we will provide Wala debit/prepaid cards so you can transact with merchants, you will have access to insurance, international payments, loans, group savings and other financial products!

And remember, Wala is a zero-fee banking platform. No more hidden fees. No more long queues. Just Wala. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or reach us at info@getwala.com and make sure to register ASAP at www.getwala.com/register

Happy New Year!