We see advancements in technology everyday that improve our day to day activities. While most of us pay fee after fee after fee for banking and mobile wallets, Wala has finally created a digital system that is completely FREE for us to use. Send money back home through the Wala mobile app: FREE. Withdrawal money from my Wala mobile account: FREE. Make a transaction with an Agent: FREE.

Take a look at this list of reasons why you need Wala and let us know what you think by signing up today!

Distance from Banks
Not every place you travel to is going to have a bank outlet or ATM and it is likely you will need cash when you go on trips. Wala now gives you the option to deposit/withdrawal from ATMS and agents for FREE! Just look on the Wala mobile app to find the closest cash point.

Cash Problems
Traveling can be hectic and dangerous especially when you are carrying large sums of money. The Wala digital bank gives you access to money anywhere you go while also keeping it safe.

ATM and Agent Issues
When you need cash you generally don’t have time to wait. Instead of dealing with the same issues you run into with banks and agents, you can now utilize both and ensure you get money from your Wala digital account when you need it.

Payments Made Easy
It goes without saying that no one wants to line up in a bank every month to make payments for the necessary utility bills, school fees, and the list could go on. Having a Wala digital account enables you to easily complete all your pending payments without going to a bank or customer care centre especially when you are very far from home.

Did you know you could make money on the cash you have sitting at home? The Wala digital account provides interest on money in your savings account. The more you save the more you will earn! Rather than keeping that cash at home put it in a Wala account so you can earn some extra cash and access it at anytime.

Customer Service
Poor customer service with banks and agents upsetting you? Wala was created to address this problem. Instead of waiting in long lines, dealing with rude people, and sitting on the phone forever you can chat with Wala on your mobile app or call one of our 24 hour call centers. We are available for you at all times through Facebook, message, phone. Anything to make your life easier!

Join Wala today so you can take advantage of all these features and finally get on financial track!