I walk a dream. This dream is a full of hope where everything is better with a bright future. In this dream, I see the world changed a better place where the impossible is made possible, where strife is turned to joy, where lack is turned to provision and everything you think of comes to reality.

This dream I walk is Wala.

My name is Emmy Baluye and I am the Lead Community Manager for Wala and I want to tell you why I love Wala, why I joined Wala, and why I believe in Wala as the future of digital mobile banking.

As the Lead Community Manager for Wala; my journey has been a fantastic one, full of amazing surprises and new things to learn and adapt to that have groomed my financial position in life. Personally, I joined Wala for one reason- to make a difference. Wala is a digital bank but a bank built out of a hopeful financial community where its original intent was to build TRUST through all financial aspects of life.

I believe in Wala and I know they have my back and your back. From the very beginning, Wala has introduced me to the culture of saving so I can grow my savings account. Like many of you, I grew up in a poor environment with no money saving skills. I had this mentality that considered saving and financial management to be a culture for the rich who can put money aside or could even afford expensive bank services. Little did I know that my financial life was deteriorating every day. But thanks to Wala, my financial wellbeing is constantly increasing. Wala is creating a financial platform in a society with little hope of financial prosperity… A digital mobile bank that teaches and encourages people to save and offers free banking services to the most underbanked and unbanked communities of Africa.

Today, I am a happy man full of life with no excruciating stress of debts and financial insecurities that were consuming me. And this would not have been so if I had not seen the future, believed in it and joined it. My love for Wala will last FOREVER.

Join us. You won’t regret it.

- Emmy-