Greetings from the magical city of London! Team Wala here traveling around the world as we pitch investors and look for funding to build the first digital banking platform for emerging markets!

The last week we have travelled through Paris, London and Chicago, we have met some incredible people, and we have eaten some good food :) Yes, we are exhausted, but mostly we are excited to get back to the office so we can continue building the best digital banking app for you.

Like I said before, we created the Wala Smart Financial Community to provide complete transparency to you. We want you to know what we are working on, see what we are building, test our products, and hear about our ups and downs. Fundraising is not easy and it can be really hard asking people for money. But we are making it happen! The money we are raising will go towards our relocation to South Africa where we will build a bigger team. That means we will be hiring people who can help us build the digital banking platform, get it to market in a few countries, and bring support to Wala users around Africa.

And remember, all the Wala success is in large part thanks to you. The Wala community is what pushes us forward everyday, gives us ideas, and and helps us build the best product. Keep participating and doing what you are doing. A huge thank you from London!

Team Wala