We created the Wala Smart Financial Community for one main reason: to build TRUST with you and the people of Africa. Wala is building the first digital banking solution for Africa and in order to do that we need you to believe in us, trust us, support us, and join us on this exciting journey.

But many of you are probably wondering how did this all start?

My name is Tricia Martinez and I am one of the Founders and CEO of Wala. I started this company after my experience working in Uganda and seeing and experiencing the failed financial systems. Banking shouldn’t cost money or be inconvenient. It should be free. It should motivate you to save. It should be engaging. And it should put you on a path towards financial prosperity.

If there is one thing that can change all of our lives, it is access to better banking. When we understand how to save we are more prepared for the future and can get the financial products that will help us move forward in life- insurance, loans, payments. It is time Africa wins and Wala is going to make that happen. Join us so you can change your life and the lives of people around you.