You are probably wondering- Who's Wala? And what's digital banking?

We are glad you have these questions! Wala is a technology company and we are on a massive mission to rebuild and improve the financial systems around the world. We want to change the way people interact with their finances, the way they manage their money, and most importantly the way they bank.

Let's be honest, the financial and banking systems that exist today have failed most of you. From excessive fees, to poor customer service, to inaccessibility the options available are not very attractive to say the least. But Wala is changing that.

We are now building a digital banking platform which means you can sign up for a Wala bank account directly through your phone and start saving money when you deposit through ATMs. But that is not all, we envision a platform that houses all the financial products you need and want! Insurance, loans, payments, financial advisor, rewards, communities--- Everything!

Stick with Wala. Together we can get you on financial track.