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A New Type of Bank Account

Your financial well-being starts and ends with a bank account. Wala has created the first and only free digital bank account that lets you deposit and withdraw money at ATMs and Agents, all for free!

Wala Current & Savings Account

R 0.00 Cost
  • FREE Account Activation
  • FREE ATM Withdrawals & Deposits At bank partner locations
  • FREE P2P Payments Between Wala Account Holders
  • FREE Account Management
  • FREE Account & App Security
  • FREE Retail Agent Withdrawals & Deposits Withdrawals at bank agent locations
  • FREE Annual & Monthly Maintenance

How It Works

We know you are sick of all those fees that keep adding up in your bank account which is why we created Wala. Wala works in partnership with banks and financial service providers to offer you the best digital experience and the most affordable financial products that you need.



This is your entry into your Wala digital experience. You'll get a brief overview of your account balances, as well as some Insight into your spending habits.

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The Future of Finance

Make your financial life easier with the click of a button. Get all the financial products you need in one place from Wala and partners.

Today's Products

  • Zero-Fee Accounts
  • Free P2P Payments

Tomorrow's Products

  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • International Payments
  • Merchant Payments


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Your Wala Team

We are a growing team of creative, thoughtful and visionary individuals.

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